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Love Spirit Sparkling Rosé

Introducing our exquisite Sparkling Rosé, meticulously crafted from the finest grapes nurtured in the sun-drenched vineyards of Torres Vedras. This family-owned estate lies a mere 30 miles north of Lisbon, in a Portuguese region celebrated globally for its superior wine production.

Our Sparkling Rosé is a masterful blend of Aragonez e Castelão grapes, each berry basked in sunlight to reach flawless ripeness. Hand-selected for their unparalleled quality, only the crème de la crème grapes contribute to this splendid rosé. To encapsulate the essence of luxury and sophistication, fermentation is meticulously halted at 12% ABV.

This precision ensures the sparkling rosé achieves a rich, fruity palate with a dry, full-bodied finish. Each sip unveils a delicate whisper of fresh strawberries, leading to a sublime dryness that hallmarks only the most prestigious sparkling wines.Crafted for the connoisseur, our Sparkling Rosé from Torres Vedras is an ode to elegance, promising a sensory journey that echoes the lush landscapes of Portugal.

Love Spirit Ultra Premium Vodka

An ultra-premium Swedish Vodka, bottled at 40% ABV for the purest flavor. We use only the finest winter wheat, harvested from the golden fields of southern Sweden. We then mix in pristine water from our spring in Malmköping—so pure, it's as if nature itself crafted it. The authentic touch of yeast, sourced exclusively from Swedish farms, paired with our meticulous distillation process, results in a vodka of unparalleled smoothness. 

To preserve its eloquent taste, we reincorporate water from our Malmköping spring, striking the perfect 40% ABV. The result? A symphony of flavors so smooth, every sip transports you to cloud nine. Whether you prefer it neat, chilled over ice, or as the core of a timeless cocktail, Love Spirit Vodka is the touch of elegance every moment deserves.

Love Spirit Gin

Classic London Dry meets pure Swedish excellence in our premium Love Spirit™ Dry Gin. Named 2023 Gin of the Year™ Gold Medal Winner in London, every sip is a love letter to Scandinavian craftsmanship.

We start with pristine spring water from Malmköping and top-quality wheat from the golden fields of southern Sweden. Then, we finish our process with Mediterranean juniper berries, select citrus, and aromatic spices for an impeccably smooth and balanced spirit.

With a juniper-forward taste and dry-yet-velvety finish, it’s no wonder our Swedish gin has won three awards. Enjoy yours in a classic G&T, or take your usual gin martini to the next level with a splash of Swedish greatness.

"We are passionate about crafting and maintaining products of the highest possible quality and to achieve this, we use only the purest Swedish spring water and highest-grade alcohol made from Swedish winter wheat.”

– Solveig Sommarström (she/her), Master Blender & Head Of Product Development